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Iravat Farms: Elevate Your Plants with our Organic Potting Mixture!

Discover our exceptional Potting Mixture, carefully crafted with a blend of nutrient-rich goat manure, cocopeat, and essential macro & micro nutrients. Designed to cater to urban and commercial growers, this organic mixture is a versatile solution for a variety of plants.

Whether you're nurturing ornamental, vegetable, herbs, or flowering plants, our Potting Mixture provides the perfect foundation for healthy growth. Convenient and ready to use straight from the packet, it simplifies gardening for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Choose Iravat Farms' Potting Mixture to enrich your plants with nature's goodness. Nurture your green companions and watch them thrive with this nutrient-packed, organic blend. Iravat Farms—a commitment to quality and a green future.

Organic Potting Mixture

30 Kilograms
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